"Just a note to let you know how excited we are to build our new house! You are a pleasure to work with, and we appreciate your professionalism, creativity, and enthusiasm for your work. Thank you." - Bill and Michelle

Custom Home Designs

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Building homes that are more comfortable, healthier, safer, more durable, energy efficient and more affordable to live in.

Custom Home Designs

At Christian Builders, we specialize in the design and construction of energy efficient custom home designs in a variety of layouts that include ramblers, two-stories, modified two-stories and multi-levels. We offer customization ideas for homes in all price ranges, and our professionals will work with you personally to plan, design and build a home that perfectly fits the needs of you and your family.

Our team is committed to creating a better future for all with an emphasis on energy conscious building. We partner enthusiastically with Minnesota’s Green Path, an organization that is designed to make green home certification an achievable reality by certifying efficiency and home performance in new home construction and remodeling projects.

Buying new or remodeling a home is an exciting time and presents an opportunity to build-in efficiency and durability that existing homes can’t match. Christian Builders offers efficient green features & products that work within your budget and provide increased value both in home operation and at resale.

With the Green Path system, every home gets a performance report based on measurements taken through third-party testing that is completed during the construction of your home. The HPR has your home’s Rating & Certification information. EVERY green feature & performance result earned through MN Green Path will be placed on the HPR – which helps in the operation of your home and increases its value when you sell it.

Green Certified homes sell faster and for more

• In 2010, certified green homes spent an average of 21% less time on the market than non-certified homes.

• Green certified existing homes sold for up to 30% premium on average

• Green certified homes equal greater efficiency and greater savings