"I appreciate all the patience you took with me during the whole building process, your many good suggestions for design, and the quick response to any concerns I had. I would highly recommend you to anyone building a new home. I am enjoying my new home and the view…" - Millie


Home Buyer Education

Building homes that are more comfortable, healthier, safer, more durable, energy efficient and more affordable to live in.


Locally owned and operated since 1974, our philosophy at Christian Builders revolves around the creation of efficient and healthy living environments. As a recognized leader both locally and nationally in energy efficient custom home building, Christian Builders is committed to the spirit of continuous improvement. Our business strength and economic wellbeing has been achieved through innovative design, quality material usage, and an ability to deliver the “better product”. Our commitment to “rethinking the process” has brought us to one clear conclusion: Energy conservation and indoor air quality are critical components in attaining the end product that our clients want.

“A house is not a home until a family moves in and “test-drives” the product,” explains Brad Richardson, president of Christian Builders. “The results (through independent third party testing) indicate our homes have a diminished energy appetite and a healthier environment for the family to live within. Our after-sale service problems and related costs have been noticeably reduced. Client health and happiness go hand-in-hand with the health and happiness of our own business.” 

Through careful product selection, customized home design and an eye on construction detail, Christian Builders has lessened the environmental impact, decreased our clients’ utility consumption, and given our clients and our company a bright future. At Christian Builders we believe that building quality, high performance homes is not just good for business; it’s the right thing to do for our homeowners, the environment, and the future.

Christian Builders is proud to be a Green Path Partner.